Building Strong Profile for MBA Application

Students applying for any MBA program of any university, whether in our country or abroad, are always scared of putting their profile together. Your profile should make you look different from other aspirants and should make you a strong contender to receive admission.

How to make your profile stand out?

Your profile does not have to be different for the US universities as compared to Indian top institutions. Actually there is not much difference between institutes and universities across the globe. They all demand the same. So what is it that will make your profile stand out? Let’s find out.

Extra-Curricular Activities

If you do not have any hobby or passion, it is advisable to pursue one, so you can mention it proudly in your profile. You can take part in any community service or participate in social activities.

Leadership roles

Just don’t be a follower. Take up leadership roles in any college club or lead any event or a sports activity. Make an impact on the admission officer and show them that you can take the initiative and position of responsibility.

Language fluency

Your fluency in English is what they look for. If you are good in any sports but cannot communicate properly then it can weaken your profile terribly. So improve your language fluency and communication skills and get it upto the mark.


Set your long term goals and short term goals ready after pursuing that particular course. Have all the answers ready which you will be posed or else you may face rejection.

What will make your profile folder impressive?

Here are a few ways by which you can improve your profile:-

  1. Internships - Look for some good internships and remember to take a certificate at the end of the internship.
  2. AISEC - This worldwide non-profit organization is found on most of the campuses. You can get really good experience in leadership with them.
  3. Campus Ambassador Programs - There are many organizations that run Campus Ambassador Programs. According to your interest, applying for these which will make you a leader and their experience is something you can add to your C.V. proudly.
  4. Online Courses - There is no course that you won’t find on the internet. Many are free of cost and do not charge anything while some have a nominal fee. This shows your excellence in a particular field which will add weight to your profile.
  5. Content writing - If you like writing then research on the internet for some content writing job. Not to make money but it will also show your interest in a particular field while at the college.
  6. NGO - Volunteer at NGOs and this will really help you when you are applying for your MBA.
  7. Certification - Take up some certified courses related to your MBA. Doing such will add value to your MBA.
  8. Foreign Language Course - You can learn to speak, read and write any language such as French, German or Chinese.
  9. Public Speaking - There are some great platforms to develop your public speaking skills. Keep yourself updated with the recent events in the country.
  10. Hobbies - Pursue a hobby that makes you happy or is socially relevant. Excel in it and you could win accolades in it too.
  11. Initiative - Start up something of your own like a small YouTube channel about sports, travel or music instead of whiling away your time. Brainstorm and come up with your original idea. This will add up to your complete profile and develop an all-rounder personality.

By using some of these you can develop a good and impressive profile which will impress any admission officer, here and abroad.

Good luck and All the very best!

Wed Apr 29, 2020

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