Why should you apply early to your dream MBA program?

MBA programs are one of the most paying career streams out there and hence it’s no mystery that millions sit for various MBA entrance examinations across the country. Be it CAT, GMAT, CMAT, etc. the competition is intense everywhere.
But of course, the seats for all these programs are limited and hence only a few get to live their dreams. One may wonder what makes successful people different from the non-successful people and the simplicity of the answer to this complex question may shock everyone! It’s all about the time they started their preparation. The majority of the candidates develop this false notion that they have sufficient time to crack these exams but it’s a mistake that slims their chances of success a lot. So go through the top five reasons to apply early for your dream MBA program and then at the end of this article I’ll share a medium to help you meet all your MBA requirements.
Here are the top five reasons to start your MBA applications early and apply in Round 1:
1. Significant MBA school research is imperative to your success.
Schools are looking for candidates who have approached the business school with a mature and thorough decision-making process. To write impactful essays that also demonstrate fit, you will need to do more than check rankings and click-through websites. Effective research often includes conversations with current students and recent alums, visiting campus and attending info sessions, or at least diving into comprehensive resources like the Veritas Prep Essential Guide to Top Business Schools. Lack of research leads to generic essays that are not compelling to admissions officers.
2. Demonstrating “fit” is a more arduous process than you think. It takes time. You can recycle surprisingly little among different schools’ essay questions.
Every year, we see clients who expect that they can write essays for one application and simply strip out the name of one school and insert the name of another. This is especially tempting with the current trend in open-ended questions. It’s more important than ever to consider the culture and environment of the school. Admissions officers see thousands of essays every year, and they can spot a repurposed essay from a mile away. Applying to multiple schools takes time!
3. You won’t just identify and explain your weaknesses — you will work to improve them.
One of the first steps in working on your applications is evaluating every element of your profile. Are there any weak areas? Red flags? Leadership? Low GMAT score? Low undergraduate GPA? If you identify any areas which may be less than solid, when you start early you can take steps to improve your weaknesses rather than finding yourself in the unenviable position of trying to explain them in an optional essay. This might include tackling a new project with your volunteer organization, taking a calculus course from your local community college, or retaking the GMAT with the proper strategy to raise your score. There are numerous strategies to improve your application profile — and if you start on your applications now, you have time to implement them!
4. You will increase your chances of receiving financial aid awards and scholarships.
It is well known that schools operate with a limited budget — this means that there is more money to go around for financial aid, scholarships, and awards toward the beginning of the admissions season than there is toward the end. Why not give yourself the best chance of receiving a financial aid award?
5. It will allow you to avoid late application pitfalls.
In an exclusive Veritas Prep survey, the top 30 MBA admissions officers were asked to name the most common mistakes they see in MBA applications. Their No. 1 response: careless errors. Admissions officers view your application as a reflection of your commitment, so careless errors can doom your chances for admission. However, let’s face it: Most of us love to procrastinate! About 80% of MBA applications are submitted within three days of each deadline, most within 24 hours. These rushed, last-minute applications are often rife with careless errors — a missing comma here, an incorrect spelling of “they’re” there. By starting the process early, you can craft your Personalized MBA Game Plan, providing structure to the application process and ensuring there is plenty of time to catch careless mistakes and add the perfect polish before you hit “Submit.”
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